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NR 5 1
Stars are my love, wars something less. Comments
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2 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: The Force Wars
NR 2 1
We are a KOTOR RP that takes place two years after the events of KOTOR II. The Jedi Exile, has dissapeared from space, and the Dark Lord Revan has returned at the head of a massive invasion fleet. Revan has conquered numerous planets, and the Jedi are pre Comments
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3 StarWars HiddenEmpire GalaxyAdventures
10.00 1 4
German StarWars Browsergame for free. Comments
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4 Star Wars: The Dark Brotherhood's Empire
NR 0 1
This is a brand new SW site set around 100 ABY! Wanted: New members needed! Friendly site Staff! Comments
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5 Remnants of War
10.00 0 3
The Senate seeks to break ties with the Jedi Order. The Sith war over the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Crime runs rampant. The Jedi are screwed but not defeated! Comments
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